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Who are we?  

'Les Mots de Zaza' (MdZ) is an officially registered ‘asbl’ (non-profit making association) whose aim is to acquire books for the school libraries of the European Schools in Luxembourg, and to encourage reading in general.

MdZ was founded by parents more than 20 years ago and until February 2015 covered both schools. Now, two organisations exist, one for each school: 'Les Mots de Zaza Lux I' and 'Les Mots de Zaza Lux II'.

MdZ is completely run by volunteers. It is managed by a board consisting of a President, a Secretary, a General Treasurer and a number of further board members. The board legally represents the association, deals with all general issues and is responsible for the accounts. An annual general meeting (AGM) is held once a year (usually in October or November) to which all parents are invited and at which the board is elected for one year.

Much of the day-to-day work of MdZ is carried out by the language sections of the school, who work together with the school librarians.

What do we do?

In addition to buying books to supplement those funded by the school, MDZ also organises various events during the year to promote books and reading. These include the annual Book Fair and the MdZ stands at the school fêtes. Some sections also arrange visits to the schools by popular authors and illustrators.

How are we funded?

The purchase of books is mainly financed by voluntary contributions (10 € per child per year). These contributions go into individual accounts for each linguistic section. The contributions from SWALS go to the section account of their linguistic section (DE/EN/FR). 

Money raised at the school fêtes goes to a general account of the association. This money is used for association-wide purchases and to acquire books in SWALS languages for the libraries. 

All the accounts are audited once a year in September and a report made at the AGM.

Board members for school year 2016/2017:

From left to right: Shakil Ahmed (Advisor), Karine Measson (Advisor), Luís Galveias (Treasurer), Nina Alonso (Vice-President), Susanne Maus (President), Aadhan Aazhi (Deputy Secretary) and Janette Brandon (Secretary)

Board members for school year 2015/2016:

From left to right: Gretel Sardiñas (Secretary), Inna Dimova (Counsellor), Stefan Kohler (President), Janette Brandon (Deputy Secretary), Karine Measson (Vice President),  Luis Galveias (Treasurer) and Susanne Maus (Vice President)