Zaza and the European School library

Zaza is a small mouse – born in 1976 in the imagination of Jacqueline Cohen – who collects words. The small mouse is the eponym of the association Les Mots de Zaza that is in charge of the organisation of the libraries of the European Schools in Luxembourg.

This website provides you with information about the library organisation ‪of the European School in Kirchberg (Lux I). 

Information about the library association of the second European School in Mamer (Lux II) can be found here.

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Primary School 8 am – 4:30 pm
➢ English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish Portuguese, Dutch, Polish & SWALS books

Nursery School 8 am – 10 am
➢ English, French, Spanish & SWALS books

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Joining us 

Do you have books you would like to hand over to the school libraries?

Do you want to support the school libraries via donations?

Do you want to volunteer for the various tasks of MdZ?

We very much welcome any kind of contribution and help towards our various activities! 

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Useful links

  • The Reading Corner « Once upon a time ... » is a place to meet other cultures and a place where parents can have fun with their children (
  • The website 'Kids in Luxembourg' provides information for family activities in and around Luxembourg.

About the books

Selection of books by the language sections 
  • bearing in mind the age and interests of the children.
  • in consultation with the school librarians and the teachers.

Books to encourage the joy of reading in our children 

  • Find books for young children who are just learning to read, or who still enjoy reading with their parents at the nursery school library.
  • Find books that cover a broad range of reading levels, authors and subjects at the primary school library.

Acquisition, care and use of the books 

  • Books are purchased by each language section separately.
  • Once a book is part of the stock it has to be labelled and covered by volunteers. 
  • All books are registered on the library database by the librarians. 
  • MdZ volunteers help the librarians to tidy the shelves, and weed out older books.
  • During the weekly or fortnightly visits of the school classes to the library, teachers (and in some cases volunteers) help the children to choose books. 
  • Books are loaned for at least a week.